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(6) Lessons To Prepare You !

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I’ve posted Lesson #1: Pulling Back The Curtain. It’s the first of (6) StoryTelling Lessons that I am giving away for free download to anyone, anywhere. The type of storytelling my Lessons focus on is scriptwriting and I use sample content from my feature script 'BILLIE'S SONG, An Urban Fairy Tale'. But the StoryTelling Lessons are universal, with tools to help you cope better with everyday life !



We’re all storytellers – it’s just that most of us don’t appreciate the survival value and widespread use of storytelling in our everyday interactions. We don’t try to get better at telling our own stories. Nor do we learn how to breakdown all the manipulations -- for good or bad -- used in the stories told by people / groups trying to influence us.

If you think doing storytelling lessons sounds complicated and technical --- Don't run away ! There’s a beginning level for everything. .A cake mix is not a cake. You’re given simple instructions to add eggs, butter, milk, stir and bake, and you have a cake ! My Lessons are the cake mix version of learning storytelling.

Bon Appetit ! - Trayce

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