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WHY A MOVE TO ASHEVILLE, N.C. IS A JOURNEY TOWARDS MYSELF (even if my cats aren't excited)

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

“It's a funny thing about life,

once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for,

you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”

Germany Kent


Sol (3yr-old-she) and YoYo (14yr-old-he) whose total world up to now has been S. Elliott, 2B

A year and a half of (unemployment supported) pandemic isolation (with my cat friends YoYo and Sol) turned me into a powerful ninja in my own creative world ! For the first time in my life I had unbroken time to focus on developing my work for myself, to meet my standards, draw from my experiences and celebrate my quirks – and I had a group of articulate friends offering me in-depth critiques and encouragement.* I felt blessed and so grateful, while becoming acutely more aware of what was registering as right for me.

That supported era passed; I was back out in the world, earning as a freelance cater waiter and back-of-the-house captain. While wonderful to be mingling again with co-workers and creatives, I quickly realized, I am no longer of this world, New York City ! I am no longer of my cozy home of 23 years in Fort Greene Brooklyn ! Though secure in a rent stabilized apartment, it has been years since I connected to a communal heartbeat in this long-gentrified neighborhood. (And it does make a difference that i was not born and raised in nyc and have no familial anchor here.)

My Voice told me, ‘You have to leave ! If you want to stay fresh and confident ! Go !’

I’m a Capricorn (and an older Black woman). We’re stubborn mountain goats who often bloom late in life. Right now, I have intense energy and great health – but for how long? I’ll start collecting Social Security checks in January 2022. I have enough earned wisdom to know that’s not depressing – It’s a call to action !

My spiritual well-being emanates from my belief that my lessons and stories can generate unique insights and transformative human exchanges for working-class adults and their families. Now I need to find a new ‘local community’ to introduce my work to. Why Asheville N.C., and why by August 31, 2022 ? Well, that’s part of the story I’ll be telling ....

- Trayce

* I created a role-playing game, with extensive accompanying lessons, for which I made comic book-like collage covers introducing my own superheroes --- The StoryTellers ! Then, to see if I could, I used collage artwork to create an (11) page comic. And I worked on my two feature scripts and series – (rewrite / rewrite / take-knife-to / rewrite.......That’s It! )

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