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Working-class adults and teens often have mad abilities that haven’t been tapped or recognized. Not by society, but more importantly not by ourselves.  We're often uncomfortable telling our own stories or voicing our ideas --- which are the building blocks for what we can accomplish !   


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So, here's (a bit of) ....

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“A cat has nine lives” is an old saying.  It feels to me that I’ve lived a number of different lives in my one lifetime.  (Ever feel that way ?!) So I’m limiting my StoryTelling here to how I’ve created my own original story to help me feel right with myself. 


I call the story ‘Grains Of Sand’.   

Want to skip 'why' I came up with the story ?

Scroll down to the 'Grains Of Sand' link 

that's illustrated with a pair of shoes ! 

In recent years members of the younger generations of my extended family have been diagnosed with severe autism.  It’s led me to question if I’m on the autism spectrum.  


WARNING !:  Believe all beginnings and endings

start in your mind and your opinion of yourself --

and never stop to wonder about your environoment,

your ancestry, and the information and resources

you never knew about -- my brand of StoryTelling is not for you !


One trait of autism is called ‘restricted interests’ --- having an intense passion for a certain topic that can extend a lifetime -- even when facing discouragement or a lack of comprehension from others.  For me that passion has been storytelling, very specifically -- (as autistic people tend to be) -- about about wanting to answer these two questions:

  1. Why Don't Many Working-Class People Like To Talk  Openly About Their Own Stories, Fueled By A Desire To Learn More About Themselves ?                                                                                                                                          (Which is of course me asking why people are different than me, and often find me  too much !  And not counting the stories people tell so regularly and with exact details that they've become the legends that help define who they are.)


   2. What Can Get Working-Class People Freely Telling Their 

        Their Stories, Personal And Imagined ? 


        (Which is me creating my own puzzle that requires

        inventing chess-like moves to try to answer! )


This interest --- obsession --- of mine was inspired by my growing up in a family that didn’t talk to each other when dealing with difficult situations, or admit the resulting deep and confusing feelings.   


What was shared ?    Pointed accusations or angry eruptions. 

What remained hidden and unexpressed took on an outward face of pouting or depression or I'm blessed.  Or went shopping and consuming ! 

An early-to-be-verbal child, I matter-of-factly always wanted,  to talk freely about what I was experiencing, and to question what others did (including adults).   



Be Quiet ! / You’re Rude ! / Stop Being Pushy ! / No One Wants To Hear It ! / You Have No Business ! No Right ! 



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One Black Woman StoryTelling Services 

 “Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”

-- Robin Moore,  Author

I BELIEVE  that we teachers of adult beginners need to create new low cost classes, experiences, and merchandise that can stimulate their creative and personal development in their own homes, as well as in the larger world.  - Trayce

"I didn't fail.  It was a learning experience." 

- Anonymous

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die,

we can't remember who we are or why we're here.”

-- Sue Monk Kidd  

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