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One Black Woman StoryTelling Services 


Play With Friends Or Family Or To Help Strangers Become Familiar   

Great For Intergenerational Play (13 yrs old and up 

At a fast TV-game-show-like pace Players read a random short ‘memoir’ (or real life story) aloud together. Each Player comments on the story but there is no discussion, as each Player incubate their own thoughts. 

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Then each Player becomes a StoryTeller and shares a short real life story from their own life.  After the telling of all the stories  Players score each other’s stories using the (10) surprising Scoring Questions !

Instructions On How To Play ! 
The Game Costs Nothing To Play !
You Can Play At Home Or Anywhere !

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            Book The Story Sharing Game Creator To Lead 
          You Through A Zoom Game Session & Give Tips
            On How To Facilitate The Game Yourself 

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Story Sharing Apply
Book the Creator of
Our Group (of 2 or more Players) would like to book Trayce Gardner, the Creator of The Story Sharing Game, to facilitate us through a session of the Game and to give us tips on how to facilitate the Game ourselves.  In addition we want to receive these emailed pdfs:

1)  ‘Help Shaping Your Story’ Worksheet

2)  ‘Players’ Worksheet  (To Help Keep Track Of The Stories Shared)

3)  ‘Facilitating Tips’ Handout

Look forward to speaking soon !

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